Uncollected Short Stories by Bram Stoker

In addition to his three collections of short stories, Stoker also wrote a number of uncollected short stories.

1872 “The Crystal Cup”

1875 “Buried Treasures”

1875 “The Chain of Destiny”

1885 “Our New House”

1886 “The Dualitists”

1893 “Old Hoggen: A Mystery”

1894 “The Man from ‘Shorrox'”

1894 “When the Sky Rains Gold”

1894 “The Red Stockade”

1898 “Bengal Roses”

1899 “A Young Widow”

1899 “A Yellow Duster”

1908 “To the Rescue”

1908 “The ‘Eroes of the Thames”

1909 “The Way of Peace”

1914 “Greater Love”

You can get information on and copies of these stories by clicking on the above links or by going to: Stories at bramstoker.org


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